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11Aug, 2021

Using Float Therapy as a Solution for Sleep

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The science behind floating acting as a solution for sleep   Poor and insufficient sleep are a major public health problem, with more 1 in 3 adults not getting the high-quality rest they need to meet their sleep needs. Sleep deprivation contributes to chronic disease, accident and injury risks, compromised cognitive performance, social and emotional dysfunction, reduced mortality, and a lower quality of life. Improving sleep can have nothing short of transformational, life-altering, life-extending effects, and float therapy can serve as a solution for sleep issues.  Sleep problems—including restless, unrefreshing sleep and […]


28Jul, 2021

The Importance of Athletic Recovery with Float Therapy

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For many of us, thinking of a professional athlete is to think of their hard work, dedication, drive, and, ultimately, their success. Athletes spend countless hours training themselves to be their best. Through consistent workouts and practice, athletes are constantly breaking down their bodies and rebuilding them more efficiently. Consider the Olympics. Michael Phelps started swimming competitively at a young age, and he held his first national record when he was ten. To do so, Phelps practiced hard enough to swim in the 2000 Olympics at the age of 15, […]