14Sep, 2021

Top 3 Reasons Float Therapy is the Best for Muscle Recovery

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One of the most common ways individuals rest their muscles is through relaxation. But whether your muscles need a break from a challenging workout or recovering from an injury, what is truly the best for muscle recovery? Of course, we could suggest resting on the couch or in the comfort of your bed as methods for taking it easy, but what about floatation therapy as a holistic approach? The best examples to answer that question are through athletes who utilize floating. As individuals are more susceptible to injury and need […]


7Sep, 2021

Mandy Rowe Discusses Health and Wellness Franchise Trends with Social Geek Radio

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Mandy Rowe, director of franchising at True REST Float Spa, recently joined Jack Monson at Social Geek Radio for an exclusive, one-on-one interview about floatation therapy, entrepreneurship and franchising. She shares her unique experience at True REST Float Spa, why it’s important for mental and physical health, and how Navy Seals inspired sharing the benefits of floating with the public. Rowe’s involvement in the brand started because of the compelling story of Navy Seal friends who utilized float therapy to help them with sleeping, PTSD and language learning by streaming audio tracks that […]


Try Float Therapy for a Healthy Mind
4Aug, 2021

Try Float Therapy for a Healthy Mind

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We all strive to have a healthy mind. But sometimes, it feels like our minds run away with us. COVID-19 led our world to see the need for a healthy mind. We have isolated ourselves from meaningful relationships. Many of us lost jobs. During the pandemic, the United States saw a drastic rise in opioid overdoses and mental health issues. This is why it’s essential to take care of our mental health now more than ever. By healing the mind, and in turn, our bodies, we can actively participate in […]


30Jun, 2021

Why Float Therapy is the Best for Muscle Recovery

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If you’ve ever watched Olympic athletes compete, you may be overwhelmed by their sheer athletic ability. While we can recognize that athletes are at the top of their field, have you ever thought about what it takes to compete at that level? It’s overwhelming to know the work they put in to become the best. Olympic athletes need to be in peak physical and mental shape, including pre-and post-workout treatment. That’s why many athletes utilize float therapy as part of their training. Floating is the best for muscle recovery and […]


true rest aj
29Jan, 2016

Choose to Feel Great in 2016…

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Here we are, at the end of January, 2016—if you’re like many of us, you may have made resolutions—maybe you’ve kept them, or maybe you’ve slipped up (what are you, human?!)   What does it mean to resolve, anyways? According to Webster, when we resolve we make a “firm determination” to do something. In other words, we make a real decision—we cut off other alternatives, and in doing so, truly choose.   The resolutions we ring in with the new year come in all shapes, colors and sizes—from working out, […]


18Dec, 2015

Making the Time for Ourselves in the Midst of Life.

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As a team member of True REST, I especially have no reason to miss my weekly float. But, still there come times where I realize its been several weeks since I entered into the salt-filled oasis of a Float Pod. Its disconcerting, I’m fully aware of how much I love to float—and not just for the experience itself, but for the effects it has on me in the week to follow—mentally, physically and emotionally. I wonder why I so easily skip over spending time doing something I know I value–for […]


13Nov, 2015

Floating Away Anxiety at True REST.

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When I first began floating, I didn’t have any benefit in mind. I just wanted to experience for myself the “weird” sounding therapy—I wasn’t even aware of the range of offerings it might have for me. My anxiety and panic attacks were just a part of my reality that I had gotten used to—mild panics and mental breakdowns were just another part of the day. It would unfold as so: *queue situation I perceive as awkward*—my face flushes, heart pounds, breathing constricts, thoughts race—subsequent fight or flight unfolds (I usually […]