Try Float Therapy for a Healthy Mind

· August 4, 2021 Like
Try Float Therapy for a Healthy Mind

We all strive to have a healthy mind. But sometimes, it feels like our minds run away with us. COVID-19 led our world to see the need for a healthy mind. We have isolated ourselves from meaningful relationships. Many of us lost jobs. During the pandemic, the United States saw a drastic rise in opioid overdoses and mental health issues.

This is why it’s essential to take care of our mental health now more than ever. By healing the mind, and in turn, our bodies, we can actively participate in our own lives with a renewed sense of self and a more positive outlook on life.

Developing A Healthy Mind

Developing a healthy mind involves the whole person. We must care for our inner lives as well as our external ones. Research indicates that sweating it out in the gym improves our mental wellbeing. For something more restful, we might prefer yoga. Yoga can decrease cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Mindfulness, a skill we learn from meditating, helps us in daily life as well. Mindfulness lets us put distance between ourselves and our thoughts. It gives us space to pause, to breathe, and then, to decide to remain grounded. We have no obligation to follow our thoughts. We can watch them pass and wave goodbye.

Our diets also impact our minds. Some foods improve our concentration, while others tax it. Certain fruits and vegetables help nourish our bodies in ways that processed food cannot. The pace at which we eat influences our digestion. Eating slowly and mindfully promotes peace.

Working toward a healthy mind is a daily process; there will always be great days along with the bad. But when we develop sufficient strategies that influence our outlook on life, it’s easier to wake up with a positive mindset. Doing so also affects our body’s physical health.

Try Float Therapy for a Healthy Mind

Our minds carry tremendous burdens. Our bodies can lock in trauma, anxiety, and stress. Even worse, we might not even have an awareness of this. This sort of rigidity might happen in our unconscious. To heal from it, we must become conscious of it.

Flotation therapy helps us with this kind of focus. It narrows our field of vision – both physically and mentally. In limiting our field of vision, we curtail our distractions. Flotation therapy cloisters our minds and bodies from the outside world for a true form of rest and relaxation, completely shielding us from any external noises.

Understanding what’s causing us stress and anxiety is the first step toward healing it, and it’s easier to find the source when you’re in an environment that shuts out the stimuli responsible for it. Float therapy cuts away the noise and lets you process everything in your own time and space.

How Float Therapy Creates a Healthy Mind

Floating in water with Epsom salts might seem like an unusual method for healing, but the sensory deprivation and zero-gravity components reduce the mental and physical ailments often found in individuals.

Spending time in this environment can help treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Removing the gravity from the body eases chronic pain. Flotation therapy makes the mind stronger, and it makes us more adaptive and resilient.

These kinds of traits put us in a position to embrace life’s difficulties. With a renewed sense of openness, we can thrive among challenges. True REST wants your best. We believe you have a right to find relief from symptoms of detrimental conditions. Find one of our locations nearest you to experience the profound benefits leading to a healthier, happier mind.