True REST Float Spa Builds Within LA Fitness Gym

· November 15, 2018 Like
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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Like grabbing a coffee in a big box retailer or picking up prescriptions in a convenience store, you will soon be able to float at your local gym. With the introduction of True REST Float Spa in select LA Fitness locations, two of the biggest brands in the health industry are collaborating to offer a premier wellness center encompassing both fitness and relaxation.


True REST is the largest and fastest-growing flotation therapy franchise in the world, with a projected 40 locations open by 2019 and over 30 more in development. There are over 690 LA Fitness clubs across the U.S. and Canada, but their size does not stop the fitness juggernaut from adapting to its clients’ evolving needs. Beginning in Orange County, CA, a True REST Float Spa is taking over existing space within the gym. Together, LA Fitness and True REST will offer gym-goers deep relaxation and quicker recovery after a grueling workout.


The collaboration seems to be long overdue; professional athletes, including Stephen Curry, J.J. Watt, James Harrison, and Aly Raisman, have been touting the benefits of flotation therapy for years. With over 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, the lactic acid that creates muscle fatigue is drawn out up to four times faster than normal recovery methods, allowing athletes to train harder and recover quicker.


Although the True REST Float Spa in Fountain Valley will be housed within LA Fitness, the service will be available to non-gym members too, allowing the public to experience both the physical and mental benefits of flotation therapy with True REST. Clients will enjoy a private suite with a rainfall shower and Float Pod, as well as full access to the LA Fitness locker room should they need space to prepare for a busy day after their float. This will differ from most True REST locations, which offer a full prep area and Oasis Room to soak in the experience.


True REST and LA Fitness plan to continue the partnership beyond the Orange County location, offering a well-rounded wellness experience to athletes across the country.