Pain Relief So Simple…

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…its hard to believe, until you come float for yourself!

One of the most profound benefits of flotation is pain relief—and a noted decrease in healing time. Many of our clients are those who are, not only stressed, but may also be in constant pain.
As many are seeking a natural alternative, one that actually impacts pain at the root, flotation therapy is a powerful option which is gaining speed and popularity (because it works!).
You don’t need to just take our word for it, flotation—also known as REST therapy—has been noted for years in studies as having a tremendous impact on pain levels during and following floats.
The Medical College of Ohio conducted a study in 1985 which demonstrated this—in a combination therapy of relaxation techniques, over half of participants stated that flotation/REST allowed them to experience a total remission of pain in their sessions.
We’ve done our own pain studies here at True REST, too. After a series of consecutive sessions, 7 out of 10 or our participants experienced no pain while in the Pod, and all experienced pain relief to some degree. This pain relief stretch beyond the session, too.
Those who did the pain study reported pain levels reduced for hours, or for some, days after their floats!
Many clients exit their float reporting how good their back, shoulders, or other aching areas feel. Athletes and marathon runners find post-strenuous relief in the Float Pod, as it also assists in escorting lactic acid out of the muscles. Our COO, Drew, was excited to discover that after floating, she was in no pain the day after her 26 miles!
As we mentioned in February, True REST Tempe welcomed team members from both the New England Patriots and the Seahawks all week leading up to their big game (read more here).


For those who experience recurring, chronic pain a period of multiple sessions is highly recommended; each REST session builds on the last, and the greatest reductions in pain will be seen in multiple sessions.
Flotation is a natural alternative that many of our clients have stated was the first thing that had truly “worked’ for them. Come see for yourself what stress, pain and tension you can leave behind in the Float Pod.
In the absence and reduction of pain there is freedom—to feel more yourself, to rebuild muscle and strength, and to deeply relax.
To provide maximum floats at the best rate, we offer month-to-month True REST Memberships, which allow you to float at a discounted rate—these low commitment packages are great for those who are ready to take control of their pain with flotation.

REST-Assisted Relaxation and Chronic Pain—

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