Over 1350 Floats For Veterans Across The U.S.

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True REST Float Spa locations opened their doors on November 11, 2019 with the goal to completely book every pod full of veterans in honor of Veterans Day. Thanks to the overwhelming community support, about 170 pods were open to Veteran Floats on 11/11 across the thirty-two True REST Float Spas in the country, allowing for 1352 Veteran floats.

Leading up to Veterans Day, True REST held their One for One Challenge in which True REST donated a float to a veteran for every float gift card purchased. Gift cards were able to be purchased in any of the spas and online. 

Floating has many benefits for clients of all professions. Research is currently being developed regarding the effects of flotation therapy and how it specifically relates to military personnel. Military.com describes floating as “The New Frontier in Physical and Emotional Health”. Veteran, Travis Wilson, walks through his experience, “I have had 13 surgeries in my military career. A lot of joint pain, just overall body pain. Wasn’t sleeping. Wasn’t dreaming. I have done stem cell therapy for a TBI and even tried yoga.” Wilson explains, “At first floating wasn’t for me. I think I only lasted about 30 minutes. The sensory deprivation was just a bit much for my brain. But then, I was calmer after floating. Slept a little bit better. My body just felt better after floating.” See Travis’ full video here.

About True REST

True REST is focused on the well-being of clients by using flotation therapy as a powerful tool for relaxation, pain relief and better sleep. The foundation of Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy provides an all-natural approach which has been proven to help a wide scope of ailments and offer physical and mental well-being to its practitioners. A one-hour session will cost $89, with packaged deals and membership specials also available. Additional information and online scheduling is available at TrueREST.com

Recognizing the extensive military and first responder community, True REST is committed to offering free one-hour floats to veterans on the 11th of each month. Please check your local True REST for information about policies and procedures. Read more about True REST and veteran’s here

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