Free Offer for Veterans: Treat PTSD, Anxiety & Depression with Float Therapy

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Did you know that float therapy has shown great success in helping veterans manage their chronic pain, anxiety and PTSD? With Veterans Day fast approaching, True REST Float Spa’s commitment to helping both active-duty military personnel and veterans remains strong.

On Veterans Day, November 11, True REST Float Spas across the country will be closed to the public and open for free floats to veterans only.

Clinical research has proven floating has a profound effect on post-traumatic stress disorder and other stress and pain-related conditions. Float therapy mimics the effects of meditation and medication often prescribed to manage anxiety, depression and pain in active and former military members. By shutting down the “fight or flight” response that can PTSD, cause insomnia and more, float therapy at True REST Float Spa can profoundly mitigate the struggles veterans face on a daily basis.

Post-traumatic stress disorder – also known as PTSD, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and stress and pain-related conditions are increasing at an alarming rate among active-duty servicewomen and men, veterans and nonveterans alike. PTSD and depression can lead to several prescribed medications, an increased rate of suicide, and a disconnect from friends and family over time. However, there is a natural and holistic treatment. Float therapy is backed by scientific clinical studies.

The reduction of external stimuli with float therapy allows for downtime, rest, stillness and the ability to just slow down – all of which are critical during the healing process. It’s a holistic approach to work through chronic pain and past trauma.

With so much research proving the benefits of holistic alternatives on treating PTSD, it’s no surprise that the Senate just passed the H.R. 2359: Whole Veteran Act. The bill requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to report on the implementation of its whole health approach to health care. The report must include an analysis of the accessibility and availability of a variety of services including hypnosis and acupuncture. The Department of Veteran Affairs will now be required to examine multiple areas of an individual’s life with a holistic lens to create the best overall health plan.

True REST Float Spa designates the 11th day of every month U.S. Military Appreciation Day, and offers a free, 60-minute float to any active-duty military member or veteran. Since 2015, True REST Float Spa has given away almost 5,000 complimentary floats to U.S. active-duty military and veterans. True REST Float Spa is honored to serve those who make tremendous sacrifices to defend our freedom. For more information on our commitment to the military or to book your free float, visit

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