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Floating and TTC

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Floating during pregnancy has been regarded fondly by clients. True REST has shared blogs before about Pregnancy and Float Therapy: What to Know and Why to Try as well as Tips and Tricks to Float During Pregnancy. But these both count on one thing happening first- conception. TTC can be a challenge, but floating has the ability to help.

The Stress Factor

TTC (trying to conceive) can be a really frustrating journey for many. The lack of control and the unknown is something many women stress about. Unfortunately, stress is known to make it even harder to get pregnant. Relaxation is they key, and yes, hearing that you should not stress does not actually make it easier to stop stressing- but hopefully floating will.

The Anxiety Factor

Anxiety during TTC can be at an all time high. There is so much information about what women should and should not do. Eat more nuts and berries, consume warmer foods and beverages. Add an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm. Track your temperature every morning before getting out of bed. There is a pressure to do everything you read and the fear of missing a step. Not being able to conceive easily can, understandably, lead to some anxiety.

The Depression Factor

The UK National Health Service alleges that “Most couples (about 84 out of every 100) will get pregnant within a year if they have regular sex and don’t use contraception” (NHS 09.04.18). While this statistical timeline may be helpful to some women, it may feel defeating to others. Medical News Today states, “While doctors have long understood that infertility is a medical problem, shame and secrecy remain prevalent among people with infertility. This can make it difficult to seek help from friends and family. ” Read full article here.

The Float Solution

Floating can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. This can improve chance of conception. According to a published peer reviewed papers,  “analyses showed that the flotation-REST treatment had beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, depression and stress-related pain — findings that are in line with those of several other studies.” Read the full study here.

There has not been enough studies specifically between TTC and Flotation Therapy to recommend a certain time length, frequency, or even state of pod (light, sound, etc.). Mom hopefuls can have some piece of mind knowing that there is no right way to float identified for this, which means women get their control back. Float once a month if that sounds good to you, or once a week. Use this as an opportunity to try a double float- 2.5 hours at True REST. Let go in the pod and relax.

Have you tried floating while TTC or while pregnant?

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