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Digital Detox: How Float Therapy Can Help Us Unplug

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | April 22nd, 2019

If your computer slows down because too many browser tabs are open, you’ve got to close it down and reboot it for a fresh start. When your WiFi router starts to lose signal, the first step we take to troubleshoot is to reset it. Nearly any device in our modern world starts working again after it’s been completely unplugged, given a chance to rest, and turned back on.

We’re no different. In order for us to operate at our highest potential, we must know when (and how) to reset, to unplug. The modern world has us constantly living full-speed ahead, while our devices distribute a near constant drip of information through backlit screens a few inches from our face. We’re deeply entangled with our devices and rarely find a moment of respite. 

“This digital obsession also appears to take a toll on families. Almost half of parents say they feel less connected to their family when technology is present, even when they are spending time together. Close to 60% say they worry about the impact of social media on their children’s mental and physical health. Overall, Americans want to unplug more often. Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed say they agree that taking an occasional digital detox is good for their mental health. However, less than 30% say they actually do so.” – TIME Magazine Smartphones Are Really Stressing Out Americans

This is where Float Therapy can help. When floating in silence and darkness, we are significantly limiting the amount of information our brains are processing. There’s no light, there’s no sound, there’s no gravity, there’s no stimulus. The world turns off. And just like rebooting a computer, we’re given a chance to reset. The deep resting state of floating allows the mind and body a chance to step away from stimuli, and towards relaxation and healing. Aside from taking the time away from your digital devices, you’ll experience weightless relaxation, total pain-relief, and a potentially profound meditative experience. Talk about a win-win situation.

The next time your system needs a reboot (and you know when you need it), schedule a float and create one hour of no calls, no texts, no likes, no tweets, no screens, no dings, no emails or voicemails. You’ll simply find serene weightlessness.

Float Therapy is the ultimate digital detox, and with regular use, you can begin to establish profound connections between mind, body and spirit to start living at your full potential.

We’re more plugged in than ever, so be sure to take the time to pause, unplug, and reset. You are always worth it—and all areas of your life will thank you for it.

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