5 Tips for (Even) Better Floats.

· January 7, 2015 Like
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It’s certainly hard to have a “bad” float, but even so—there’s always room for improvement!


1. Hydrate


Every aspect of our bodies operates better when we are hydrated (we are, after all around 65% water!)
We highly encourage guests to keep their water intake high following their float, but you can start off on the right foot by hydrating leading up to your float, too.
Because floats allow you to deeply tune in and relax, showing up well hydrated can ensure that you don’t spend any focus on thirst!


2. Breathe


Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your float and spend some time relaxing in one of our soothing areas; breathe deeply and prepare yourself for your zero-gravity experience.
The Float Pod will inherently relax you, but what better way to get the most to of your float than already going into it more relaxed?!
During your float, you can increase your level of relaxation right away by becoming aware of your breathing, and if it is rapid or sporadic, slowing it to a more long and rhythmic pace.
Tuning into the breath is a great way to become more present to the moment, as the breath is always here and now.


3. Ditch Caffeine (for a little bit)


We typically recommend our clients avoid caffeine if possible–for about 4 hours before their float.
This allows the body to really relax, and can help to quiet busy minds—caffeine and other stimulates do just that: stimulate.
The deepest floats arise from the least amount of stimulation—outside, and inside.
If possible, consider avoiding caffeine the entire day of your float!


4. Avoid Touching Your Face


We’ve all been there—an itch appears on your float mid-float, and we have to decide: to scratch or not?
Though it may for a moment be a distraction, refraining from touching your face at all while in the Float Pod is the best way to make sure your entire float is as deeply relaxing is it can be.
It can be easy to forget in our relaxation that we are floating in 1,200 lbs of epsom salt—but for the ultimate float, keep those hands underwater!


5. Extend Your Relaxation


Our mind’s love to scold us after we’ve done something restorative for ourselves, by telling us it’s time to get back to work, reminding us of to-do lists, and sometimes things that we didn’t even plan on doing.
But the good news is, our minds belong to us, and we can choose to do differently than they may suggest.
Instead of quickly hurrying back into the world, consider extending your float by spending some time in our Oasis lounge, or another one of our relaxing areas—they were designed with this in mind.
Bask in and reflect on your experience, add a note to our guestbook, sip on some of our delicious herbal tea—and try our oxygen bar!
Have you floated yet?