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Imagine relief from pain, stress and a better night’s sleep only a Float away. Learn more now!

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Pain Relief

“I told my wife, I have NO PAIN, its gone. Tears welled in her eyes. This was the first
time in the 8 years we have been married that she has ever known me NOT to have pain.”

– Kevin Halden

No More Pain Meds

“I like the fact I’m not taking meds anymore
[for pain]. That is the biggest benefit of them all.”

– Kris Kitchens, former US Marine

Euphoric Relaxation

“All my tension is released and I’m brought into a beautiful trance unlike anything I have ever felt.”

– Lauren McBride, Fitness Model

Almost in a Daze

“When my session was over, I felt extremely relaxed, almost in a daze. Sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea in the waiting area allowed me to gather myself together so I could drive home safely. 😉

I ended up signing up for a membership because I most definitely want to float again. To get all the benefits, you must do it regularly.”

– Brandi M.

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True REST® Float Spa is here!

How many people get true meaningful rest? Long hours at work, traffic jams, anxiety and stress make it difficult to relax. Relaxation is a skill that must be learned, but how does one learn to relax with so many distractions?

What if there was a simple method to cleanse the palate of all your senses, revive your sense of taste and smell, sharpen hearing and vision, experience being weightless, and refresh the mind and body?


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Monday: 4pm - 10pm
Tuesday to Sunday - 10am - 10pm
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