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True REST Exclusive Round Pod Unveiled

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 30th, 2019

After years of pod research, observation, and modification, True REST perfects the pod experience and unveils the exclusive True REST Round Pod available November 1st 2019. This True REST Round Pod is the first exclusive pod for franchisees and True REST clients only.

True REST Round Pod Basics

The True REST Round Pod is a true 8 feet exterior circle, allowing ample room for guests of all shapes and sizes. The float area is 7 1/2 feet by 6 feet 2 inches to accommodate pro athletes. The 6 foot opening has been made to stay open to allow for an open room concept, overhead infrared heaters keep the air temperature perfect, or the doors can be closed to create a comfortable closed pod environment. The new pod still includes the perfect amount of salt to create effortless floatation. Professionally installed, the True REST Round Pod is secure to clients and protects the lifespan of the pod.

Round Pod Locations

Located less than 15 miles from True REST Tempe (the flagship location), True REST Chandler is home to the first True REST Round Pod. True RESTs are continuing to build out across the country. Soon, the True REST Round Pod will be housed at Parsippany in New Jersey, Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, Raleigh in North Carolina, and Cary in North Carolina. As the brand continues to grow, look out for more locations near you!

Pod Improvements

In the exclusive True REST Round Pod, there is now at bench located at the opening of the pod. Bench seating allows easier access in and out of the pod, a huge improvement for older cliental. Additionally, there are two independent doors that come together easily, alleviating the issue of a single heavy door that has to be pulled down. A fan favorite improvement is the surround sound, one client calls it “the closest thing to sound healing I have ever experience in the pod!”

A Message From Nick Janicki, Founder of True REST

Nick Janicki, Founder of True REST shares his excitement, “By enhancing the overall shape and design we have created a Float Pod that is both stunning and offers a unique 360 degree sound healing experience. We are now able to offer specialized music and lighting, as well as have the ability to live stream concerts, sound healing or guided meditations.” Janicki adds, “Bringing to fruition something which didn’t previously exist is my greatest pleasure. Bringing to life a liquid crystal sound healing Float Pod is a dream come true. If preferred, please enjoy this sacred shape with silence.”

Client Testimonials

True REST Chandler’s Member of the Month shares her experience of the exclusive Round Pod, calling it cool, fun, and gushing that she feels “like an astronaut!”

What are you most excited about in our exclusive True REST Round Pod?

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