When REST Turns to Sleep

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Sleeping While Floating

You fall asleep at the movies, you miss out. You fall asleep at sporting events, you can probably sleep through anything, and you also miss out. You fall asleep while you float… you might actually not be missing out at all! According to a recent True REST poll, 80% of clients surveyed, have fallen asleep in the pod.


Music On or Music Off?

Float Pods offer the option to have music off or playing during your float. While Float Spas may have standard music they play, it can be up to you to bring in your own music that you know helps relax you. On the other hand, sometimes no music at all is the way to go. If you are looking for music suggestions consider the recommendation, “As long as a song or musical number is string-instrument based, with minimal brass and percussion, it has the potential to bring on drowsiness by decreasing anxiety, blood pressure and heart and respiratory rates. Findings suggest that music around 60 beats per minute (the low end of a healthy resting heart rate) can trigger your brain to synchronize your heart rate with the musical beat, and classical does this best.”


Lights On or Lights Off?

Many people prefer the lights off while floating which can help simulate your normal sleeping environment. However, utilizing the lights on inside the pod can also have relaxation benefits. Cool colors such as green, blue, indigo, and purple are typically regarded as soothing and relaxing .


Water Temperature

The temperature in the pod is about 93.5 which is a little cooler than your normal body temperature. This has been tested as the best relaxing temperature. It is not too warm to make you want to get out and grab a water bottle, but it isn’t too chilly to make you want to get out and grab a towel to wrap yourself in. Being comfortable in your skin and your own body heat helps you relax enough to slip into a sleep.


Benefits of Pod Snoozing

Falling asleep in the pod can look like a lot of things. It can be slipping into that state only to be woken up when the music comes back on at the end. It can be that feeling of restlessness waking you up only to then realize that you must have been partially asleep at some point. It can even be that feeling of deep relaxation on the edge of sleep for the entire duration. But what is the benefit of sleeping while floating? According to research, one hour of delta sleep is equivalent to 6 to 8 hours of very deep sleep. No matter your state of sleep during your session, know that many others hit some state of slumber during their time and sleeping in the pod is by no means a wasted float!


We encourage clients to relax and release any worries of dozing off while in the Float Pod. Each Float Pod contains just 10 inches of highly salinated water—thus, it is not required that guests know how to swim. This solution supports you no matter how you might toss and turn in the Float Pod. Though it is difficult to accidentally flip onto your belly in the tank, if this occurred the extremely high salt concentration (1,000 lbs) immediately causes discomfort in the eyes, nose and mouth.

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