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Floating then Fueling- Inside The Partnership

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True REST and Defiance Fuel have partnered to bring their respective water sciences together in the quest for whole-body wellness.

Water Focus

The best partnerships are when two companies come together with the same vision. True REST has been leading the world in flotation therapy with their commitment to wellness and focus on The Science of Feeling Great. The entire concept surrounding the power of water with the right external factors. On the other side of the coin is Defiance Fuel, the result of 35 years of water-science research, packaged into a patented delivery system that provides superior hydration. Combining two water-based brands, the advocacy for whole-body wellness is an ideal partnership, highlighting both the external and internal power of water.

Client Benefits

This partnership allows members of True REST Float Spa to enjoy a complimentary bottle of Defiance Fuel every time they use their membership. It also allows partners of Defiance Fuel to experience a True REST in one of the many locations across the country. After a member spends 60 minutes relaxing and recovering in the warm skin temperature water in the pod, Defiance Fuel is the ideal thirst quencher to rehydrate the body.


While everyone can enjoy a float or a bottle of Defiance Fuel, athletes in particular, have been vocal about their appreciation for this partnership. Designed to return bodies to a state of healthy hydration, energy and balance, Defiance Fuel’s patented athletic performance water focuses on potassium bicarbonate support to stimulate a perfect body pH.

Floatation therapy dramatically enhances recovery post physical exercise. The buoyant salty water removes all weight and pressure from strained muscles, joints and bones. The relaxed floating state increases blood circulation throughout the entire body. Recovery time is significantly improved by flushing out cortisol, lactate and adrenaline that might have built up during training or performance. Read our blog on why floating is an athlete’s secret weapon here.

The Partnership

This partnership was formed by James Rowe and Brian Burgdorf. James Rowe, CEO, True REST Float Spa explains, “The combination of True REST Float Spa and Defiance Fuel will certainly aid an athlete’s ability to defy limitations.”

Brian Burgdorf, president of Defiance Fuel, Inc., shares, “This partnership just makes sense. Both brands are committed to healthier lifestyles and helping people become the best they can be.” Learn more about Defiance Fuel here.

Have you floated then fueled yet?

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