Floating On Water: Why You Can’t Float At Home

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We hear the question all the time: “why can’t I just float in my tub, pool, or the ocean?”
The answer is short; you cannot float like this in your tub at home – or even in the ocean. Plain and simple.
Here are 6 reasons why Float Therapy is different:
    • Each one of our Float Pods contain 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in only 10″ of water. This salty solution is so dense that our bodies naturally float on the surface of the water, just like a cork. The buoyancy is so great that it’s even safe to fall asleep during your float.  Yes, you heard us right – you can sleep ON the water in a Float Pod – and it feels amazing. You may be disappointed if you try falling asleep on the surface of a swimming pool.
    • We heat our water precisely to your skin’s natural temperature. This is critical, as you can no longer differentiate between where your body, the water, and the air begins and ends. Becauase everything is set to the same temperature, it feels like floating weightlessly on a cloud. It is not possible to replicate these precisely controlled conditions at home.
    • REST is an acronym for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy. A Float Pod is a space created with less outside distraction and providing you with greater levels of rest and relaxation. This profound relaxation occurs because we reduce ALL stimuli heading to our brains through a limitation of sight, sound, and tactile sensation. Flotation therapy is known for it’s unparalleled ability to naturally bring floaters into a state of theta brainwave production—while conscious! The Float Pod is the ideal environment for effortlessly facilitating the deeply relaxing and introspective theta state—no experience necessary. Greater theta wave production is linked to many rewarding benefits such as deep relaxation, increased awareness, feelings of well-being, boosted immune function, access to dream-like states, super-learning and more!
    • The salt itself is what keeps you afloat. Each float pod has a mixture of a whopping 41% salt!! When we compare that number to the oceans salinity at 3% or even the Dead Sea at 18%, the difference is clear, floating uses a solution that has a much higher salt content.
    • When you come to float with us, you’re coming to a spa! We provide a space for the ultimate relaxation and you even have your own private room and shower. At our home or when we’re outside at public space, there are a ton of distractions that prevent us from fully emerging into relaxation.
    • With options to plug in your own music, change the colored lights, or float in total darkness and silence, this floating meditation provides PROFOUND benefits for our minds and bodies
While some people out there may think they can just float in the tub  – the difference is clear. The benefits of flotation therapy do not compare to simply taking a bath at home or trying to float in a regular pool. Visit True REST for an experience unlike anything else.

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