Float Therapy Benefits Include Total Mind and Body Wellness

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It’s easy to treat the body as another vehicle that gets you from point A to point B when we’re caught up in our busy day-to-day lives. This way of living isn’t sustainable and often leads to extreme neglect in self-care in both the mind and body. The ramifications of disregarding our health are widespread, including higher rates of anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and so much more.

However, instead of running ourselves into the ground and never taking a moment for ourselves, there is a solution that provides the ultimate form of rest and relaxation to calm the mind and heal the body. Flotation therapy is an easy and holistic solution to health and wellness because of its simplicity and unique components, making it a great alternative to finding a moment of peace. It’s a total refresher. Float therapy benefits the mind and body.

The idea is simple: float in a pod filled with Epsom salts and skin-temperature water. You can leave the pod door open or closed, float in darkness or with lights, listen to music or no sound at all and have an opportunity to delve into a meditative state for the next 60 minutes.

Flotation therapy may or may not be something you’ve heard of, and if anything, you’ve probably seen it in the movies or television shows. Anyone who has viewed the series Stranger Things on Netflix may remember sensory deprivation used as a travel mechanism between worlds. Yet, unlike the fantasy world of Stranger Things, these tanks will not take you to a parallel universe with Demogorgon’s and other alien-like creatures. Instead, float therapy will bring you to a state of complete relaxation for both the mind and body.

Imagine a world of complete calmness without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The float tank allows you to drift away for a moment of peace, where stress melts away, and the mind focuses on what’s most important: you. Floating with sensory deprivation by eliminating external stimuli allows the brain to stop allocating its resources to processing components of the outside world, where the mind stops thinking and simply exists. Because of this environment, it also encourages the brain to enter the theta brain wave state, a state that not only alleviates stress and promotes rest but one that is closely associated with creativity and dreaming.

Sensory deprivation also has a direct impact on the body, not just the mind. Chronic pain and mental health often play cause and effect with each other, so when the mind is at ease, the body can let go of any tension it might be holding onto. This is also due in part to the water allowing the body to float. When the joints and muscles of the body are alleviated from gravity, the benefits are profound. There’s an increase in blood circulation; it helps muscles recover faster from exercise and reduces lactic acid that often builds up within the body after moving throughout the day.

For example, many sports stars are already using float therapy after games for its physical benefits, especially after a challenging game to rebalance the muscles and prevent any strains or sprains. Floating is also used to alleviate the symptomatic pain or those with chronic pain, allowing them to move around without carrying the accumulation of stress.

The float therapy benefits at True REST Float Spa are two-fold—both the mind and the body experience benefits that work in tandem to afford guests the ultimate form of rest, relaxation and recovery. Life might be filled with all sorts of challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have to let the weight of the world rest on your shoulders.

When you leave your session with True Rest, you will be truly rested. The benefits follow you after each session, leaving you much happier and, in the long run, so much healthier. Not only will you feel lighter, but you’ll also be free to tackle your to-do lists with a fresh mind and body. Float therapy prevents any distractions, visual or audial, from overwhelming you and gives you time to prepare yourself to face the entire world.

For more information about True REST Float Spa, be sure to visit our locations to find the one closest to you. We can’t wait to see you!

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