Cleanliness and COVID-19, How True REST Keeps Guests Safe and Relaxed

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the first question when reopening is if the space is clean. The world is adjusting to face masks, keeping a distance from others, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. So, is that being done at True REST Float Spa? Absolutely!

10 Years of Cleaning Best Practices

Since the first True REST float spa opened in Tempe, Arizona over ten years ago, cleaning has remained a vital part of the practice. Spas in general are regarded as clean and luxuries spaces, a standard True REST rises to with every float session. Not only are the pod rooms cleaned and amenities freshly stocked, but common rooms are also cleaned, wiped, sanitized, and a hint of soothing freshener is noticed.

Capacity Changes

A change as spas begin to open up, is to slowly build back up capacity based on state standards. Currently, many spas opening are limiting the number of guests at a time and increasing the time between appointments. Many spas are currently only scheduling their members. This minimizes guest interactions with one another and ensures a thorough clean in the room between clients. Spas also ask that clients wear a facemask upon check in.

Deep Cleaning Enhanced

All pod suite surfaces are disinfected between each use. This includes shower, pod room bench/tray, soap dispensers, door handles and full interior and exterior disinfection of pod. The pod deep clean includes the interior pod walls and the ceiling of pod. The pod is disinfected by using a CDC approved hydrogen peroxide product. Restrooms and the lobby undergo complete disinfection between each float session and laundry is completed according to CDC guidelines.

COVID-19 Questions

As with many opening businesses, a series of questions are asked to every guest that enters. These include:

Do you have a fever?
Do you have a cough?
Are you experiencing extreme tiredness?
Are you experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
Have you traveled outside the state within the past 14 days?
Have you been in close contact with anyone that has COVID-19?

Public health and safety are taken very seriously and clients must be symptom free when entering the float spa.

These additional steps are taken to protect the safety of everyone. True REST Float Spa is known for its top notch relaxation, in order for clients to relax, they need to trust they are in a safe place.

Are you ready to get back into your float practice?

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